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Nandamuri Balakrishna Records »

NBK has set new state record in 50 days with Laxmi Narasimha:50 days in 277 centers.He had acted in 4 Golden Jubilee movies produced under the Bhargav Arts (producer Sri. S. Gopala Reddy) banner. More than 10 of his movies collected a gross of more than 1 crore in the first week (his movie Dharma Kshethram collected a gross of 2+ crores in the first week which is a record for an average movie).He had 6 golden Jubilee movies to his credit so-far.His blockbuster Samara Simha Reddy ran for 175 days in 32 centers(all-time India record beating maine pyar kiya's 27 theatres, and interestingly the previous state record during slab time also belonged to him which is Muddula Mavayya in 21 theatres).His sensational hit 'Narasimha Naidu' turned out to be biggest hit of Telugu cinema Industry and it collected a staggering amount of 30 crores in the total run.

NBK acted in 83 movies so far. Three of the 76 movies are silver jubilee pictures. His latest movie Samara Simha Reddy,Narasimha Naidu has rewritten the annals of history of 7 decades Telugu Cinema. He entered cine field as a child artist. He got his first commercial break as Hero with 'Mangamma Gari Manavadu'. MGM ran for 332 days in Tarakarama, Hyderabad. Bhargava Arts and Kodi Rama Krishna are responsible for the elevation of Hero image for Balaiah in the early days. Balaiah did lot of 'Rural' movies that are run away hits. Another milestone in the career of NBK is 'Muddula Mavaiah' from the makers of MGM. But the director who made NBK look invincible is B Gopal. Rowdy Inspector had set the cash registers ringing in 1992 summer. SamaraSimha Reddy is the pinnacle of success for NBK. Though he is known for ferocious acting, he too had played soft roles and got the appreciation from all and sundry. Three immaculate classics of NBK career are 'Naari Naari Naduma Muraari' , 'Aditya369' and 'Bhairava Dweepam'.

NBK is known for straight forwardness had made sure that he never encouraged his fans. He is not a strategic actor. He is the one who goes by his heart in the selection of stories. NBK has come a long way from where he started, shedding his image as 'NTR son'. He has his ups and downs like any other actor. But the spirit of his acting still goes on!

NBK's 100 Days Film List
S.No Film Name Year No Of Centers
1 Annadammula Anubhandam 1975 5
2 Dana Veera Sura Karna 1977 9
3 Anuraaga Devatha 1982 3
4 Sri Madviraat Veera Brahmendra Swamy Charitra 1984 18
5 Mangamma Gari Manavadu 1985 7
6 Kathanayakudu 1984 1
7 Muddula Krishnnayya 1986 2
8 Sita Rama Kalyanam 1986 2
9 Anasuyamma Gari Alludu 1986 3
10 Muvva Gopaludu 1987 2
11 Ramu 1987 1
12 Bhale Donga 1989 1
13 Muddula Mavayya 1989 28
14 Nari Nari Naduma Murari 1990 3
15 Lorry Driver 1990 8
16 Talli Tandrulu 1991 1
17 Rowdy Inspector 1992 20
18 Bangaru Bullodu 1993 10
19 Nippu Ravva 1993 1
20 Bairava Dweepam 1994 28
21 Bobbili Simham 1994 15
22 Mathopettukoku 1995 1
23 Vamsanikokkadu 1996 13
24 Peddannayya 1997 34
25 Pavitra Prema 1998 2
26 Samara Simha Reddy 1999 73
27 Sulthan 1999 5
28 Vamsordharakudu 2000 3
29 Goppinti Alludu 2000 1
30 Narasimha Naidu 2001 105
31 Seema Simham 2002 7
32 Chenna Kesava Reddy 2002 38
33 Lakshmi Narasimha 2004 86

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